This is the home page of a software developer and beer traveler.

I am...

... a freelance software developer, specializing in business data processing using a system you never heard of that goes by the generic name of "Pick" or "Multi Valued Database." I also write Android and IOS apps and build custom websites.


I created...

...among other things, online Beer Guides for London, New York, Berlin, Dublin, Seattle, Portland Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Antwerp. Amsterdam. Prague. Stockholm. and Bamberg & Franconia, with a few more in the works. The mobile app versions can be found here. If you need custom business software, I can help you with that.


Contacting me...

Fred Waltman
P.O. Box 10986
Marina del Rey, CA 90292 USA
Phone: +1-310-822-8634
email: himself@fredwaltman.com
Twitter: @FredWaltman

My twitter feed can be viewed here


Say Hello.

You used to be able to send me a message here, but it was mostly spam, so if you want to talk, contact me via email or social media.